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5 Steps To A More Meaningful Life

Living a life with some kind of meaning and fulfillment is a goal we all want to attain. It is something that has challenged scientists, philosophers and the like throughout the ages. But, maybe it’s not as difficult as it seems.

With my analytical mind, I am always trying to find ways to “hack” my happiness as if it is some kind of science experiment. There has to be that “thing” to help me, us, wake up every morning excited to start our day... right? I quickly realize there isn’t one single answer, but I do believe there are 5 things we can do right now to live a more meaningful life:

Being Present

We are so caught up with the stresses of our day, frustrations of the past and anxieties of the future, we often forget to be present in the moment and enjoy what life has to offer.

To start your day, find a quiet place to sit for 5 minutes and just breathe. Close your eyes, Feel the ground beneath you, allow the sounds to travel through your ear canal, feel your chest expand and fall with every breathe.

Not the sitting type? Go on a walk. I will often take Monty for a walk and enjoy the sunset, the breeze, the birds singing. On these walks, I will often ask myself the following questions: Am I a loyal friend? Am I a compassionate partner? Do I bring value to the world?

When I find I answers, I act immediately and consistently with them.

We are who we want to be. By acting consistently, we are creating habits in becoming the person who we want to be, thus, becoming that person.


The biggest asset we have is our time. One of the greatest ways to bring more meaning to your life is helping others in need. Volunteering at your nearest homeless shelter or humane society, helping your friend move, building a house with habitat for humanity, making your spouse a cup of coffee, the list goes on and on.

When you volunteer your time to help the world become a better place, it gives you an immense meaning to your life. You helped the world become a little better, that’s pretty awesome!


We need to get rid of our excess “stuff” to make room for the things that actually bring us value. We have become a society that recognizes people for the amount of stuff they have, not by how much value they bring to the world. A lot of our stuff is like an anchor; it weighs us down. At the end of the day, it’s just stuff.

The easiest way to start decluttering is to, well, start. Start by picking one room in the house, the smallest room, and eliminate anything that does not bring you value. Drawers, closets, cabinets, everything needs to be cleaned out. Then move on to the next room. Before you know it, you will have a clutter free home! When you can declutter your home, you can declutter your mind.



Create something you are proud of. Find a hobby or start a new business. Having a passion will not only give us meaning, but it gives us purpose. It allows us to cultivate a skill. Just because you have a passion, doesn’t mean you have to make money from it. Finding a way to use your passion to help the world will give you tremendous meaning.

I love to write, specifically poetry. I write almost everyday. It brings me so much joy when I read my work to Josy. What’s your passion?


Kindness can bring warmth to life and can connect us all. Doing random acts of kindness will not only give your life more meaning, but can make the world a better place! One random act of kindness can trigger a domino effect and impact countless amounts of people.

So make an effort to at least do one random act of kindness today; lend a helping hand, give someone a compliment, buy someone a coffee, pay for someone’s groceries.

The beauty about this list is you can take one idea and run with it. Once you implement it, the results are almost instant. Give it a try! Pick one idea, take action and let me know how you feel. :)

What do you do to live a more meaningful life?