by Paleo Bakehouse

The Monthly Subscription Box from Paleo Bakehouse is a great way to make sure that you're treating yourself and keeping your diet fun. 

Every month we hand-select new items that go into your month's basket, keeping your diet new and exciting.

In addition to a new box each month, you also get:

  1. Exclusive Discounts for Subscribers ONLY Each Month.
  2. Exclusive Sales that our reserved ONLY for our Subscribers. 
  3. Trying brand new goodies before anyone else.
  4. Inclusion in our Secret Facebook Group where you can decide what goes on the store and special announcements.

The Monthly Subscription Box

Why You Should Treat Yourself (at least) Once a Month

So treat yourself with our guilt-free monthly basket. In fact, sign up today and get 25% OFF when you use the code Welcome25 at checkout!

You could be on the best diet in the world. None of that matters if you can't stick to it.

That's why most people fail on Paleo...they treat it like a diet rather an a lifestyle. It's only natural. It's scary to think about giving up your favorite foods for life.

That's why we created Paleo Bakehouse. By treating yourself to baked treats you already love, you're more likely to stick to your diet because it's fun and enjoyable, rather than miserable and restricting.